Writing for 17 As Soon As Possible

Writing for 17 As Soon As Possible

Its a global warming knowledgebase for ordinary folks. As such we the curators welcome stories, ideas for stories or simply mentions of stories that affect people, planet or prosperity.

How’s that work? We provide this platform for writers of any level who want to advocate, speak out or practise their skills as they evolve into climate advocates.

There is no fee attached however we will like to use your ideas if that time comes. In keeping with convention though, you will be informed prior and no course of action based on your ideas shall be pursued without explicit consent.

Is there money to be had for writing for 17 As Soon As Possible at this time? No. If at some point the content generates enough interest among the reading population, who then indicate they are willing to pay for our stories we may discuss the way foward.

Having said all that 17 As Soon As Possible expects to provide unending value to its readers - a picky bunch no doubt, with more than passing interest in the topics that drive today’s world. Those topics range from gardening to sport and recreation, procreation, architecture, the simplest of lifestyles, to the most profligate. And more.

Our writers essentially speak about impact, positive and negative, to the natural environment. They feel free to explore what if, what’s wrong and what may be better (in the context of global warming or more directly, Climate matters).

A few paragraphs up we spoke about the low barrier to publishing on 17 As Soon As Possible. The fact is even if we do accept Unskilleds, that does not mean time spent here will not be rewarded: Our mission also includes mentoring writers.